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Colors. Lots of Colors.

So Many Colors!

Pahhhs slippers come in just about every color of the rainbow — and then some. Fun and unique color combinations to make everyone happy. Love BRIGHT COLORS? Me, too! I make a lot of really bright, colorful, happy slippers — pinks, orange (my favorite color), yellow, purple, green, red. You name it. Oh, and I have LOTS OF BLUES. Blues everywhere. For some reason this yarn comes in so many shades of blue. Not sure why, but they make for a nice variety. I love putting colors together in different combinations. I also have a bunch of multicolored yarns that take on a mottled appearance when crocheted. I love using them, just a bit, in each pair. And I have some tweedy yarns that are unusually soft — even softer than the normal chenille yarn. They’re a little harder to get, but I love them.

SOME of my yarn stash. There’s more. LOTS more. I need a yarn room. 😉

If you’re one for the more soft, pastel colors, I have lots of those, too. Pinks, blues, yellows, lavender — in solids and the multicolored yarns. They’re growing on me.

For those of you who aren’t really into colors, and would like a less flashy, more subdued slippers, I have lots of more natural colors — fall colors, woodsy tones, and your basic blacks, grays, browns, beige, and white. The men tend to gravitate towards these colors — unless, of course, they’re getting their TEAM SLIPPERS. Then they’ll do orange and blue, purple and yellow. Hell, if the Patriots colors were PINK AND YELLOW every man in New England would still buy a jersey!

So even if you’re a little shy of colors, take baby steps. Step out of your comfort zone and into the most comfortable slippers you’ve ever had! Go crazy with a fun, bright pair of Pahhhs! Nobody will see them, if you don’t want them to. 😉