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Custom Made. Just for You.

Get Some Slippers — Custom Made, Just For You!

You say you LOVE armadillos? You don’t see them in my shop? Bummer. But wait! I can probably make those — just for you! A Browns fan? Bummer, but I can even make those, if you really want them. JUST ASK!

A lot of the slippers currently in the shop are the result of requests from people. And chances are you’re not alone in your love of armadillos. Somebody else could be searching for armadillo slippers, too! You could meet other armadillo lovers and start a armadillo Facebook group. You never know.

Now I’m not promising I can make whatever your heart desires. I won’t make anything graphic, objectionable, or in bad taste. That’s my prerogative. I’m sure there are people out there who would make anything, but not me. But I will make anything quirky, kooky, silly, meaningful, heartwarming, celebratory, or inspirational. I can make slippers most professional teams, and most college teams. I’ll do my best to find what we need to make you a special pair of slippers just for you — or for someone you know who needs them!

Click on over to the SPECIAL ORDERS page to get the ball rolling on your perfect slippers! Or you can always email me, or leave a comment here and I’ll get in touch with you.

6 thoughts on “Custom Made. Just for You.

  1. Hi M.J.!
    I’ve wanted a pair of your adorable slippers ever since I saw them at Lindsey’s wedding! I don’t need any pictures on them, just plain. If you have something in stock in a women’s Medium, that would be wonderful! I’m not sure what color to pick. Can you send me a picture of a Blue pair?

    1. Hey, Lori! Oh, I have LOTS of blue. Every shade you’d ever want. So you’ll have a few choices. I don’t have anything “made” in just a plain blue with no embellishments but I can make something — no problem. I’ll put together a swatch palette of the colors and let you pick. I’m planning to make a BIG swatch palette to post here so people can see all of their options, but just haven’t gotten that far yet. So many things I want to do with this website!

    2. So, I’m thinking that I can send you a few links of slippers I already have and you can decide which kind of “blue” you’d like. I don’t know if you want just blue, or blue with some other accent color. But here are a few options.

      This one is a teal blue with browns. I could leave out the red accents.

      This one is a tweedy blue. I could do it with something other than yellow — maybe white or gray.

      This is an aquatic blue. It’s really pretty — greenish tint. Put it with gray/black.

      This one has a royal blue on the cuff. I could do that for the main boot color and accent with the grays.

      This one — look at the large photo — has blue, brown, gray again.

      Then, if you look at this page and look at the photo for the KIDS STUFF category, look at the soccer slippers. That’s a bright blue. Could do that with black or gray or white — or any color.

      That’s pretty much all of the shades of blue I have. I think if you pick one that you like for the main slipper color and maybe another color for the accent I can come up with something you’ll like! 🙂

      Let me know!!

    3. Okay — two more. I have so many items that I haven’t gotten into the store yet. Like 100+. I have a lot of work still to do! Here are photos with some other blues.

      First one is Country Blue for the boot.

      And this has a blue mix for the cuff and sole.

      Too many choices!! Put you gotta choose. 😉

  2. Yay! I got your answer!😊 Lots of fun ones to choose from!
    I like the colors of “Heart of Montana”.
    At the end of your message you said, “here’s 2 more Blues” but I wasn’t able to open anything for those 2. Any way you could send those two again please? Thanks!

    1. Oops. I was cleaning out the media library and trashed those. Forgot I posted them here. I put them back so take a look!

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