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100% Handmade in Bozeman, Montana

The Handmade Tale

Every single slipper is hand crocheted by me, and only me, from the comfort of my home here in Bozeman. I also hand cut and hand stitch all of the appliqués and embellishments. I don’t weave the fabric or make the felt in the appliqués, so okay, maybe not 100%. But my cats offer no help at all, and in many instances, are quite a hinderance. Amazingly, they have no interest in yarn, so there’s that.

A Little Bit About the Slippers

Okay, I don’t usually sit by the patio to crochet. I’m usually lounging on my bed. But this makes a prettier picture. 😉

So, the slippers are handmade. We’ve established that. And being handmade that means that every pair is a little different. I try my best to make what you order, and what is delivered to you, look exactly like the photo of what you ordered. Of course, sometimes I may cut an appliqué a little wider, or stitch a little shorter. Those kind of differences are hardly noticeable.

The one caveat with handmade items, and these slippers in particular, is the variability of the materials and supplies needed. Living in a small town makes it difficult, at times, to get certain colors of yarn, or swatches of fabric. Luckily there are online resources to get many things not available here at local stores. But they do tend to cost more, and I try very hard to keep the costs down.

I also sometimes find a certain color of yarn or the perfect fabric print, make a few pair of slippers, only to find that that particular yarn or fabric is no longer available. Anywhere! Frustrating, and many times unforeseen, but that’s the way it is.

The EARLY stages of an appliqué, when it’s just called FABRIC. 😉

With the fabric, in particular, many have prints that are not a single repeating pattern. One swatch may have big birds, little birds, blue birds, red birds, some flying, some perching. A small pair of slippers may only fit the smaller birds while the larger sizes can fit the larger birds. All slippers in a collection will have the same look with the motif, but may have different appliqués.

So this is the long about way of saying that while I will do my best to make the exact slippers you want, there may be times that I have to substitute a color of yarn, or use a different sized appliqué on a specific sized slipper.

With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy your slippers!

More about exactly HOW the slippers are made will be featured in an upcoming post. So stay tuned!