What are these slipper made from?

All Pahhhs slippers are made from 100% polyester Chenille yarn. Most have some sort of felt sewn on, and others have appliqués made from 100% cotton or 100% cotton flannel. All of the materials used to make the slippers are washable.

The chenille yarn washes and wears amazingly well. It will stay fluffy and soft for a long time! The soles of your slippers will flatten over time -- unless you never walk in them! 😉 But, again, the yarn itself will not wear or fray much at all, unlike most yarns. I've NEVER worn a hole in any pair of my slippers! 🙂

Many of the slippers in the shop have appliqués sewn on. These also are washable, but you'll just want to be a little more careful to protect the stitching and edges from catching on other clothing in the load.


Here’s a nice BEFORE and AFTER of the slippers I wear at the Farmer’s Market here in Bozeman! It is DIRTY in there!! But just a toss in the washing machine and tumble dry, and … TA-DA! Just like new!

Washing/Drying Instructions


Slippers in lingerie bag
Some slippers in a lingerie bag!

These slippers can be machine washed and dried, in cold or warm water. The yarn manufacturer recommends using the delicate/gentle cycle. But I just throw them in with everything in the NORMAL wash, and they come out great! You can tumble dry them, or let them dry flat. They dry pretty quickly either way. I find it's best to wash/dry them in a MESH LINGERIE BAG so they don’t catch on any errant buttons or zippers on other items in the load -- as shown in the photo.

If you have appliqués on your slippers you might want to be a little more careful and either wash them separately or for sure in a mesh bag -- just to be extra careful. And letting them air dry may help to main the shape of the appliqué a little better.

When the soles are extra dirty I sometimes spray them with Clorox or OxyClean (or whatever) and it really helps get stubborn stains out!

A little slipper advice: These are INDOOR SLIPPERS! They don't have heavy or reinforced soles like some other slippers, so they really aren't made for the outdoors. Of course, you can do whatever you want in them -- run a marathon if you want -- but I'm guessing the wear and tear will increase exponentially if you regularly wear them outdoors. These are the CURL-UP-ON-THE-COUCH kind of slippers. You don't want to curl up in slippers that have been on the garage floor! Ick. 😉

I really hope you enjoy your new slippers!