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When choosing a slipper size please consider how you'd like your slippers to fit YOU -- or if they are a gift, the giftee. Some people like a snug-fitting slipper while other people (like ME) want a looser fit. Remember, as with most slippers, these will loosen up over time! I wear a women's size 8 and the medium fits ME perfectly! They're a little roomy but that how I want them to fit me!

Adult Slipper Sizes

The University of Iowa located in Iowa City. Slippers in the black and gold school colors.

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UPDATED! The University of Iowa located in Iowa City. Slippers in the black and gold school colors.

Most of the Alma Mater slippers began as CUSTOM ORDER slippers — most likely as a gift for someone attending the college or high school. And some are given to alumni of a school. 👩🏼‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓 If you see slippers of the school you want IN THE SHOP, then I can make them for you fairly quickly as I most likely still have the necessary material on hand. 🤗

If you don’t see the school you want in the shop, then you can get them made just for you! Start by going to the SPECIAL ORDERS page, and submit the information needed to get the ball rolling. You can also just email me and let me know what you’d like to do.

I can make slippers for ANY SCHOOL  you’d want. You’ve probably noticed that some school slippers  have an appliqué with the school logo and/or name on them while others have a felt pom poms in the school colors. Here’s the deal. I can usually make the appliqués for the larger, more well-known schools (Big 10, SEC, Ivy League, most DI schools). Those school usually have the licensed fabric available — and I can usually find it! But with smaller, lesser-known schools (DII, DIII, and most regional or smaller private colleges), they most likely don’t have licensed fabric available. That’s when you get the pom poms! 😉

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