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You don’t have to be 70 and retired to love a cool, retro camper. But it probably helps. ;) These slippers would be perfect for lounging around in the RV, roaming the highways and byways of America. Or just parked in your relatives driveway. These slippers come in two color schemes — orange or blue. And there are several different campers that may be on top, but all have the same color combos.

These have boots in a pretty pumpkin orange, soles in a mix of orange, dark green, and slate blue, charcoal cuffs, and a gold stripe.

** NOTE: I’ve listed these as a size SMALL but they are really kind of a SMALL-MEDIUM. If you wear a women’s size 7 or 8 these will fit you well! The photo shows them on a women’s size 8 and they fit a little snug but nicely.

These COZY COMFY SLIPPERS will put a smile on your face — and make your FEET FEEL GREAT! 🤗

PAHHHS SUPER SOFT SLIPPERS are amazingly soft on the skin, no seams to irritate sensitive toes, not too tight around the ankles, and breathable — they keep your feet warm but not too hot! Soothing relief for someone dealing with foot pain associated with CRPS, neuropathy, or other nerve issues. Go ahead — PAMPER YOURSELF! 😉 Or give the gift of comfort to someone who really needs it! 😘

All Pahhhs slippers are handmade with 100% polyester Chenille yarn. If your slippers have appliqués they are constructed with cotton or cotton flannel fabric and felt, hand-stitched together and to the slipper. The appliqués are sewn on REALLY well, but you might want to wash them in a mesh lingerie bag so they don’t catch on a errant button or zipper. That’s what I do!

If you’d like to personalize your slippers with a special COLOR COMBO that you don’t see in the shop, let me know and I can probably make them for you — assuming it’s a nice color combo that matches the motif. I won’t make anything ugly. 😉Okay, I will if that’s what you REALLY want. I won’t like it, but I’ll do it. 🙄

Remember, these are handmade slippers. So there will be variations from pair to pair. But, hey, that’s what makes them ALL ONE OF A KIND! 😉

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