Super. Soft. Slipper. Shop.

Slippers for Everyone!

Embroidery Galore!

Slippers adorned with handmade appliqués and embroidery!

Just the slippers, Ma'am.

Plain. No appliques. Naked. Naked slippers. You do whatever you want.

What are YOUR favorite things?

No matter how weird or quirky, I probably have it on a slipper.

Show your school spirit!

Perfect for the dorm room -- or just reminiscing about the good old days!

Got a favorite team?

Even if your team stinks your feet won't in these team-themed slippers!

Wear your HEART on your FEET!

For you, or great gifts for your Montana-loving friends and family.

Rock the High Toppers!

When you need a little more coverage. Ankle-wise. 😉

Your Favorites ON High Toppers!

The high topper Pahhhs that you know and love — and more!

After a day standing in a river ...

... these would feel really good! Or, you might just think fish are cool. They are!

Slippers for the TINIEST of feet!

Still chenille, just smaller. Anything this small is automatically cute.


Okay, THESE slippers are the tiniest. For the NEWBORN feet in the family!

For the LITTLE FEET you know!

Favorite things just in smaller sizes, with kid-friendly motifs.