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Slippery Slippers? Here’s The Fix!

What if my slippers are … well … too slippery?

Tulip brand dimensional paint

I get a lot of questions and concerns that these slippers might be too slick — particularly on hardwood floors. So here’s the deal …

Pahhhs slippers aren’t really any “slipperier” than any other slipper socks, or even just regular socks. You’d think they would be, but believe me — I’ve done a lot of running, trotting, and shimmying around on my floors, and I don’t go anywhere!

But, and this is a BIG BUT — if you, or whomever will be wearing these slippers, are worried about slipperiness, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The elderly, or anyone who may have balance or stability issues may want a little more security. And on the other end of the spectrum there are young toddlers, brand new walkers, who definitely have balance issues for a while! Luckily there is a VERY EASY and INEXPENSIVE REMEDY to add some stability to these slippers. Or ANY slippers or socks!

Puffy Paint brand

I’ve tried and tested a bunch of suggestions and found that using PUFFY PAINT is the best solution. What is puffy paint? It’s a craft/fabric paint that goes on like regular old paint, but it puffs up as it dries and makes a nice rubbery/plastic-y substance. There are many different names for puffy paint — dimensional paint, 3D paint — and several different brands. And it’s very easy to find! Just go to your local craft store like Joann or Michaels. Even Walmart carries it. It usually costs $1-2 dollars for a little bottle, but if you use a coupon (and you should NEVER go to Joann or Michaels without a coupon!) you can get it for under a dollar.

Puffy paint at Walmart.
You can even find Puffy Paint at Walmart! Not are many colors, though.

A couple cool things about puffy paint. One — it comes in TONS of colors! So you can get some to match your slippers, or you can get crazy and add some accent colors. And two — you can get REALLY CREATIVE when you add it to your slippers! You can go with the standard DOTS scattered around the bottom of your slippers. Practical, does the job — but a little boring. 😉 Or you can have some fun and draw anything you want! Faces, animals, your name, flowers … ANYTHING! And if you feel super creative you can even get puffy paint in GLOW IN THE DARK colors! Very cool.

So give it a try!