You say you LOVE armadillos? You don’t see them in my shop? Bummer. But wait! I can probably make those — just for you! A Browns fan? First of all, I'm sorry. But I can even make those, if you really want them.  JUST ASK!

A lot of the slippers currently in the shop are the result of requests from people. So chances are you’re not alone in your love of armadillos. You could meet other armadillo lovers and start a armadillo Facebook group. You never know.

Now I’m not promising I can make whatever your heart desires. I won’t make anything graphic, objectionable, or in bad taste. That’s my prerogative. I’m sure there are people out there who would make anything, but not me. But I will make anything quirky, kooky, silly, meaningful, heartwarming, celebratory, or inspirational. I can make slippers for professional teams, and most college teams, too. I’ll do my best to find what we need to make you a special pair of slippers just for you — or for someone you know who needs them!

My SPECIAL ORDER slippers fall into two categories: PERSONALIZED or CUSTOM ORDERS. Read a more about each below to see what will work for you!


Let's say you find some slippers you like. I have them in stock, and I even have your size. BUT ... they have A LOT of pink in them. And you HATE PINK. No worries! You can have your slippers PERSONALIZED in the colors (and size, of course) you'd like. Or if you LOVE PIGS and would like the YogAnimals slippers with a pig on each foot. No cows. I can do that, too.

Just tell me which slippers you liked to start with, which colors you'd like, and what size you need. NO EXTRA CHARGE for personalization at this time!

PERSONALIZATION is done with materials ON HAND to EXISTING collection items. If you want something completely new and not in my collection you'll want to place a CUSTOM ORDER.


I LOVE A CHALLENGE! And I'll pretty much make any slippers you'd want -- within reason. (Nothing obscene, please.) You like sloths? I made those for someone (and now they're in the shop.) You like wine? I can do that. Kangaroos? Probably. Want slippers in your school colors? Yep, I can most definitely do that -- and make them all the time. And with college slippers I can usually add the school logo. Pro teams, too. Just ask!

I consider a CUSTOM ORDERS as something that I have not previously made, and something for which I'll need to source and purchase the necessary materials. So there are extra costs associated beyond those already in my inventory.

There will be a $10 custom order charge (but only ONE charge if I’m making a group of slippers with the same materials!)

Use the form below to get the ball rolling on your PERSONALIZED or CUSTOM ORDER slippers! Once I received your request I'll contact you via email to work through the details!