Find the right size for you!

The slippers come three main size categories — adult, kid, toddler — and small, medium, and large for each. I've recently added a newborn size -- the Cozy Crib Booties -- which come in just one size. Adult slippers are also available in x-large, although I usually don’t have many in stock. But, as with any other size, I can make them to order and have them shipped within a week.


When choosing a slipper size please consider how you'd like your slippers to fit YOU -- or if they are a gift, the giftee. Some people like a snug-fitting slipper while other people (like ME) want a looser fit. Remember, as with most slippers, these will loosen up over time! I wear a women's size 8 and the medium fits ME perfectly! They're a little roomy but that how I want them to fit me!

Small — women’s size 5-7 | slipper length = 9"

Medium — women’s size 8-9, men’s size 7-8 | slipper length = 10"

Large — women’s size 10-11, men’s size 9-10 | slipper length = 11"

X-Large —women’s size 12+, men's size 11+ | slipper length = 12"


Kids shoe sizes are a mystery -- to me, anyway. First of all, the numbering is weird. Why does it stop at 13 and then rollover to 1? Goofy. But I think the biggest challenge is just figuring out what size a kid needs. They all grow at different rates. Two kids, the same age, could wear two very different sizes. I see lots of people who want to buy slippers for their grandchild, niece, etc., and just tell me, "Suzie is 4 years old. So I need the size for a 4 year old." Yeah, that doesn't really work.

It's really best to know the child's actual shoe size! The approximate shoe size equivalent is listed for each slipper size. These are ESTIMATES -- but are usually a pretty accurate. At least I haven't heard otherwise. 😉

I think the best way to ensure you get the correct size for your child -- or any child who may receive these slippers -- is to measure his or her foot. I've included the length of each slipper size IN INCHES to help guide you. As kids grow so quickly you might want to error on the larger size so they can wear them a little longer. But don't go too big! Don't want them to stumble and trip! 😉

I plan to add an average age guide soon, but, in the meantime, you can Google shoe sizes for kids to get an idea of the average shoe size for a specific age. This should only be used if you don't have access to shoe size or foot size.


One Size -- size 0 | slipper length = 3"


Small — size 1-2 | slipper length = 4"

Medium — size 3-4 | slipper length = 4.5"

Large — size 5-6 | slipper length = 5"


Small — size 7-9 | slipper length = 6"

Medium — size 10-12 | slipper length = 7"

Large — size 13-2 | slipper length = 8"


PLEASE NOTE: These are HANDMADE slippers so there may be SLIGHT size variations from item to item. If you find the slippers you ordered do not fit properly I’ll happily exchange them for you — but ONLY if they have NOT BEEN WORN.